For safety and prevention we choose to remove from our catalog another offer of activities and we focus on designing and implementing them on demand.

Although our specialty has been precisely this, that of creating personalized experiences or routes or trips, we have also been offering in catalog a selection of activities from providers with exclusive access to the astronomical observatory or with assured departure with more regularity for groups. All this in order to provide you with variety and comfort in the face of the option that you wish or would enjoy better.

Now the postCOVID-19 tourism -and our personal position in front of it- is to prioritize safety and prevention so if you are a group of cohabitants and / or a small group of acquaintances or colleagues (friends, end of training course, …) easily to monitoring (especially if they are residents) and who are generally committed to complying with the recommended standards, ASTROTOURISTING continues to be available to provide its services and brighten the summer by adapting to circumstances.

We will focus on the Canary Islands or canary people who want to go outside while it is possible.

In the case of those who travel, thanks for their curious desire and for encouraging the economy, always insisting on not abandoning responsibility in the new normality.


We attend school groups of any level and amateurs: send us the requirements to

If you are a company, association or institution we invoice without problem.

You are our star!